Caesar's Palace Preemptively Bans Google Glass

Posted: May. 15th, 2013  |  By Michael Pearse
Caesar's Palace Las Vegas

Rather than having to deal with people wearing Google Glass, Caesar's Palace Casino in Las Vegas is banning the product from their casino floor before it even becomes an issue.

Even before someone wearing Google Glass has the opportunity to stride through the casino floor of Caesars Palace, the wearable tech has been banned by the famous Las Vegas hotel. Citing gaming regulations, a spokesman told ComputerWorld the futuristic spyware can’t be worn by anyone hoping to gamble. Failure to comply with the rules could warrant an arrest, the spokesman said.

The potential of Google Glass as a communication device isn’t necessarily the problem, or the fact that it is worn on the face. Any device that has the capability to record video is prohibited from use at a table or machine. The spokesman said the hotel has encountered instances of people attempting to keep track of cards in a blackjack game with a secret recording device; individuals caught are immediately arrested.


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