Charlotte's Find Your Muse Open Mic Night Definitely A Mixed Bag

Posted: Jul. 10th, 2013  |  By Michael Pearse

For eight years now Charlotte has treated – or tortured – locals with its annual Find Your Muse open mic night. Some of the performances can be quite funny, others often demonstrate musical talent, but of course, there are a lot of acts that the world would have been better off without. Still, giving hope to the hopeless and a night of fun for all, Find Your Muse continues to be one of Charlotte's most charming events.

On a warm June night, during the eighth song about heartache and heartbreak, I found myself wanting to tell the singer-songwriters to hug it out. "I think listening to all of this on a weekly basis is going to make me better at relationships," Pat Maholland jokes. Maholland works the Evening Muse soundboard, as he has since 2008, for the Find Your Muse open mic night. While his first job is to make sure the performers all sound good, his second might be saving his own sanity. "Sometimes I have to step outside and get a break from it — especially when it's like this," he points inside to the latest singer with little range bemoaning the love he lost.


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