Irrational Disdain for Philadelphia Flower Show

Posted: May. 3rd, 2013  |  By Michael Pearse

People from around Philadelphia seem to absolutely hate the annual flower show that is considered by many to be the most important annual flower event in the nation. However, the hatred for the Philadelphia event isn't grounded in anything substantial (it's not like gardeners are growing armies of Nazi snapdragons or socialist daisies); they just hate the flower show for the sake of hating the flower show.

I only have bits and pieces, but what I remember is vivid. I was six, I think. I’m standing in the middle of the street, freaking out. My mom is pulling me, but I’m not moving, paralyzed with fear. People are yelling. I am holding up traffic, I think. The tall buildings seem to swirl around me. I’d lost a baby tooth in the middle of Filbert Street.

Fortunately I made it out okay of this not-actually-dangerous scenario. My parents were even able to collect my tooth; I think I got a buck from the Tooth Fairy. The whole incident didn’t sour me on Market East.


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