It Must Be Christmas, Boston Performs 'Messiah'

Posted: Dec. 26th, 2012  |  By Michael Pearse
'Messiah' performed in Boston
Matthew J Lee/Globe Staff

Nary shall a Christmas pass without Boston featuring Handel's "Messiah" and this year is no different with the Symphony and Jordan halls hosting the 32nd season of performances. Celebrated in their performances, orchestra under music director Martin Pearlman delivered a beautiful addition to Boston's neigh historical Christmas tradition.

It was said of the German philosopher Immanuel Kant that his habits were so regular that people could set their watches by his appearance on his daily walk. So it is with Handel’s “Messiah” in Boston: By its appearances in Symphony and Jordan halls, ye shall know, it is Christmastime.

This is, by and large, a happy tradition. But as regularly as the concerts return, so does the vexing question of how to keep the musical experience vital. This year marks Boston Baroque’s 32d season of “Messiah” performances. Music director Martin Pearlman has said that for him, that renewal comes not from trying to find a different conception for the piece each time, but from mining the score for fresh details and new depths.


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