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Johannesburg Gets Lambert Treat

Posted: Nov. 23rd, 2012  |  By Michael Pearse
Adam Lambert
Nikita Ramkissoon

Pop artist and adamant gay rights activist Adam Lambert brought something a little different to the South African Lightning City, Johannesburg. Performing in the Coca-Cola Dome Friday, Lamberts performance was enough to convert even the most critical. The event, kicked off by up and coming Toya Delazy, was sensational.

US pop sensation Adam Lambert hit South African shores with one big gay bang and brought the house down at Johannesburg's Coca-Cola Dome on Friday night.

Let me say this; I am not particularly a fan of Lambert. But I have to admit, this showman is bloody talented. His voice is stunning and his entertainment factor is through the roof. I've been to some epic shows and this one, even with its basic artist-dance troupe setup, was up there with one of the greats.

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