London Girls Know How to Party!

Posted: Jul. 3rd, 2013  |  By Michael Pearse

Hosting a wild spree of parties alongside major names like Kate Moss, Daphne Guinness and David Gilmour, Amanda Ferry is becoming quite the famous host in London. Anyone who's anyone will attend at least one of her crazy affairs and since anything goes, who knows what will happen once things get started?

Amanda Ferry is describing the party she threw for the launch of her husband Bryan Ferry’s album Olympia at the Dean Street Townhouse. “It was a banquet, very feasty. Roast chickens you could attack with your hands” — she makes clawing gestures, then reels off the guest list. “Kate Moss, Lucian Freud, David Gilmour, Manolo Blahnik. Oh, and Daphne Guinness — very eccentric.” The badger-haired heiress arrived wearing red headphones and “kept them on throughout dinner. When someone tapped her to ask what she was listening to, she looked surprised. ‘Silence, of course’.”

We tend to gravitate towards nuts people,” Amanda’s business partner India Langton chips in.


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