London Looks At Renovation Plans

Posted: Jun. 19th, 2013  |  By Michael Pearse

What is to become of London? Some much needed revitalization, if city councilors can agree to ten renovation projects that will breathe fresh air into the aging city over the next two decades. Ranging from moving bus routes to transforming public gardens, the revitalization plans are a welcome kick start for a newer, slightly improve London.

Three years in the making, the downtown master plan is set to lay the foundation for ten ‘transformational projects’ to make London’s core greener and more inviting.

Next week, city councillors will get their first look at the ambitious plan to reshape London’s downtown core over the next 20 years, but CTV London is getting a sneak peek.

The document is foundational, setting the city on the path to achieve its goals.

Sean Galloway, manager of Urban Design for the City of London, says “There are real identified projects, most are on public land so these are things we can do as a city…We can get to a place where downtown is the capital of cool, for London, southwestern Ontario and maybe the province.”


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