Los Angeles in No Rush for NFL Franchise

Posted: May. 3rd, 2013  |  By Michael Pearse

It's a lot of fun to hate the Oakland Raiders, but it was also a tremendous amount of fun to hate the Los Angeles Raiders. However, those who lived in LA at the time were treated to two teams (Raiders and Rams), but both evacuated the city, leaving the West Coast metropolis sans NFL team. However, sports fans in LA are in no hurry to get another NFL team to the city.

Apparently, the NFL stadium deal in Los Angeles is stalled (via Yahoo! Sports).

Shocking. Haven’t we seen this movie before? We know how it ends.

Ever since the NFL left Los Angeles after the 1994 season, the rhetoric has been the same. Pundits around the country wonder how a sports league as popular and as powerful as the NFL could fail to re-insert a team (let alone two) in the second-largest media market.

The NFL is no slouch when it comes to getting things done. Baseball may be America’s pastime, but football is king in the United States.

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