Parada del Sol -- Old Western Tradition Dazzles the Crowds

Posted: Jul. 10th, 2012  |  By Jessica

One of the many annual events that take place in Scottsdale Arizona is the “Parada del Sol” Parade. The parade has been in existence for approximately 60 years. This parade is in recognition of celebrating Arizona’s statehood and culture. The streets are lined with gaily decorated festival floats followed by some of the fanciest dressed cowboys in Arizona. The horses are always a main attraction as they are clad in some of the most unique and cultural saddles, blankets, head pieces, and glittering in gold and silver Concho masterpieces of ornamentations.

Every one in the community gathers for this special occasion including local marching high school bands and musicians from throughout the area. There always a large variety of festivities that take place during parade days. At the end of the Parada Del Sol parade each year there is a huge end of the trail party. A large number of vendors will be on hand to provide food, and other novelties inclusive of this event. Every year on the main stage located in downtown Scottsdale you’ll be able to enjoy a lot of fantastic music and entertainment.

Neither rain, sleet, nor the darkness of nightfall can stop the annual Pony Express Run that has been a tradition and a large part of this annual event for many years. You’ll experience what it was like back in the old west for mail carriers to deliver their mail on horseback eluding any and all obstacles that stood in their way. What an exciting site it is to see watching these riders storming through the streets of Scottsdale! Generally the following month after the Parada Del Sol is when they finalize this gala affair by topping it off with the annual PRCA Rodeo.

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