Peepshows Close, but Crazy Girls Still Going Strong in Vegas

Posted: Jul. 16th, 2013  |  By Michael Pearse

Adult entertainment is probably the premiere feature of Las Vegas aka the city of sin, but that hasn't stopped a number of "too-hot" Vegas shows from closing down. For fans of Crazy Girls who've heard the rumors of it's closing though, rest easy; the 25-year old show is going strong and coming back from its hiatus stronger than ever.

Rumors ran rampant during the executive shakeup at the Riviera last month that the 25-year record run of “Crazy Girls” also was coming to an end. “Absolutely not true,” said producer Norbert Aleman.

It was a monthlong vacation break while we added new girls, new wardrobe — the little that exists! — and new routines. We reopen better than ever before Wednesday and now go forward with an entire new look. I think now we’ll safely see 30 years and more at the Riviera.”

Seven ladies have been added to the lineup of nine femme fatales.


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