Pink Jeep Tours to Launch in Scottsdale

Posted: Dec. 4th, 2012  |  By Michael Pearse
Mercedes Benz Sprinter pink van
Phoenix Business Journal

Set to launch on January 1st of next year, Sedona's Pink Jeep Tours will soon expand its operation into Scottsdale, Arizona. Providing a unique and comfortable means of seeing the sites in Arizona, the fusion of shuttle service and tour will carry passengers from all the major hotels to the Grand Canyon or Sedona.

Sedona’s iconic Pink Jeep Tours will soon begin offering trips originating from Scottsdale under the name Pink Adventure Tours.

Starting Jan. 1, the new venture will make use of five customized — and completely pink — Mercedes Sprinter vans to haul folks from the Valley to Sedona or the Grand Canyon for the day. But it’s more than a simple shuttle service, according to Charlie Stewart, Pink Jeep Tours CEO. Just like on a Sedona tour, each trip originating from the Phoenix area will include a certified guide/driver who will provide insight and interpretation of the scenery and places the Sprinter passes through on the way.


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