Presidential Auction in Atlanta

Posted: Oct. 15th, 2012  |  By Michael Pearse
Presidential Seal

At the Great Gatsby's Auction Gallery in Atlanta, there will be numerous presidential items being auctioned off. The items were acquired from trash baskets or even given away and are being brought together and presented for the first time. Truman's lighter and John F. Kennedy Jr.'s monogrammed baby pin are two of the many items.

Some important pieces of White House history will be auctioned off today in Atlanta. They were collected by a longtime employee, who literally saved many of them from the trash pile. He collected everything from presidential cufflinks to rocking chairs and the public is getting a look at them for the very first time.

At Great Gatsby's Auction Gallery in Atlanta Georgia, John Lloyd is selling his grandfather's hand-me-downs. Given the hands they originally came from, there's plenty of interest. Lloyd says, "When you work at any place in the world, you're bound to get things after a while when people come through. Well my grandfather's happened to be presidential things."


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