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Prime Deep Sea Fishing......Cabo San Lucas

Posted: Jun. 17th, 2012  |  By Jessica
cabo deep sea fishing

Cabo San Lucas has some of the best sport fishing in the world! If you’re in it for the thrill and looking for a variety of seasonal fish then Cabo San Lucas is one of the greatest fishing areas in the world. With such a large variety of fish during the different seasons you’re bound to find the perfect fish to take home and mount as your trophy.

 There are approximately a dozen fishing charter companies in Cabo San Lucas that can accommodate all of your needs and show you where all the local great fishing spots are located. The success rate for each fishing year runs approximately 70% to 100%. Be aware though that there are strict catch and release regulations.

If you are ready for some terrific competition then you might just want to try one of their fierce annual fishing tournaments throughout the year. If you’re a fly fishermen no problem, you too can try and go after that big Marlin or Billfish. If you don’t want to travel with all your rods and reels, there's plenty of equipment available to suit your needs. So grab your best fishing hat and grab a bunch your buddies and head to one of the best fishing experiences that you’ve ever had.

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