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Still One of San Francisco's Best Attractions - Palace of the Arts

Posted: Jul. 10th, 2012  |  By Caitlin

One of the most magnificent attractions to see and visit while in the San Francisco’s marina district is the Palace of Fine Arts. With its monumental structures and peaceful settings this is truly one of the most romantic places to visit during your stay in this beautiful bayside city. Originally constructed for the 1915 Panama Pacific Exposition, this architectural wonder was originally built to display works of art that were being presented at that time. Even today thePalaceofFine Artsremains one of the most popular attractions.

This world renowned building was only one of ten original buildings that were built at that time. As of today it is only one of a few remaining buildings left standing out of the original ten buildings. Originally these buildings were created to showcase such things as food products, means of transportation, agricultural items, educational and liberal arts information and many more product types. The palace of fine arts is the only building still standing in the original location where it was built. This beautiful architectural structure was renovated and rebuilt in 1965. The additional renovation which included the lagoon the walkways and the seismic retrofit was completed in early 2009.

In the past the movie industry has used this glorious setting and structure in several of their movie productions that include movies such as: Time After Time, Jagged Edge, Bicentennial Man and several others. This facility can also be rented to accommodate large functions. There are many events that take place in thePalaceofFine Arts Theatreon a daily basis. You may want to refer to their daily events schedule to see which if any events that may just peak your interest.

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