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Things to do in the Miami Area That Require Courage

Posted: Jun. 6th, 2012  |  By Claire Jonas

Things to do in the Miami Area That Require Courage

Anybody can go to Miami to take in entertaining and relaxing moments on the beach or eat at a nice restaurant. So why not do something that will leave you with a story to tell? Put away your dress shoes and formalwear and hunt down one of these activities to really push yourself and come away feeling like you have accomplished something. - Nothing scary here: Just go up to 13,500 feet in a small, privately owned plane, jump out and pull the chute after a full minute of free fall, nothing courageous about that, right? The truth is that skydiving is one of the most testing activities that someone will ever choose to do, as well as one of the most exciting and rewarding. Feel the rush (literally) of gravity accelerating you toward Earth in an unparalleled moment of wonder and exhilaration. One of the more reputable skydiving agencies in the area is Skydive Miami and they will be happy to get you suited up and ready to jump.

Bungee Jumping - This activity sounds simple enough. Strap a cord to your ankles and fall off a tower, bridge or other high area to bounce up and down before being pulled back up. If only millions of years worth of natural instinct didn’t ingrain a fear of heights into our psyche, bungee jumping really would be simple. However, our brains tell us not to jump off of high places, and that is precisely what makes bungee jumping so exciting. Neglect your body’s natural reaction to fear and contact one of the bungee jumping locations around Miami. 

Karaoke - The only non-height based activity on this list, karaoke is actually one of the more challenging activities for some. Just stand up in front of strangers and belt out a tune. It certainly seems easy. One of the best places in Miami to participate in karaoke is the Karaoke Little Lounge, which is attached to its parent location, Magnum Lounge.

Parasailing - As this is probably the least nerve-wracking option here, parasailing still builds enough adrenaline in folks to keep people from partaking in this activity. For those who are looking for a thrill but do not want to head to dizzying heights, parasailing is a great choice. There are quite a few locations around Miami to take part in parasailing, including Aquaworld Miami and Parasail Miami Beach. 

Hang Gliding - Akin to strapping one wall of a tent to your back and plunging off a cliff, hang gliding is certainly not void of anything that might trigger a sense of nervousness or hesitation in people. As a truly stimulating experience, hang gliders get to see the world from a bird’s eye view while, despite common misconception, riders are in full control of where the glider takes them. Miami Hang Gliding Inc. allows would-be hang gliders to take off and land in the ocean, helping to minimize tension before and during flight.

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