Universal Studio's Gives E.T. The Boot

Posted: Jul. 3rd, 2013  |  By Michael Pearse

E.T. had better phone home quickly, because Universal Studios in Orlando doesn't seem to want him anymore. In a bid to make room for a new Smurfs ride, the iconic E.T. ride is facing the chopping block. When E.T. might be closed to the public to begin construction is a mystery, as Universal staff have remained tight lipped about the project, but these may be the last few days to visit the aging attraction.

Looks like Universal Orlando Resort may be closing the E.T. ride at Universal Studios and trading that little green man for little blue ones.

An industry source told me that Universal will be replacing the classic E.T. Adventure ride, which opened in 1990, and replacing it with a Smurfs-themed revision. "We're hearing that Smurfs is coming and it will be interactive — that's all we know," the source said, noting there isn't any solid timeline on when that would happen.

Rumors of this change surfaced on theme park news site, Screamscape, in a post that stated: “The actual rumor going around is that Universal may be in talks with Sony about bringing The Smurfs to Universal Orlando."

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