8 Best NYC Hotels to Watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

BY : Nicolle Monico | 2013

The famed Macy’s Day Parade attracts hundreds of visitors each year to its festive celebration which started back in 1924. Instead of battling the crowds for the perfect spot along the parade route, watch the three-hour event directly from...


Le Grand Hôtel de Cala Rossa: An Elegant West Indies-Style Retreat on the Island of Corsica

Such is the discreet nature of its location — screened behind thick foliage of yucca, cypress, bamboo and bougainvillea — that we bypassed the entrance to the Le Grand Hôtel de Cala Rossa, located in Porto Vecchio in southern...
BY: Sean Hillen | 2013

Escape to the Charmingly-Chic Terre Blanche in France's Southeastern Region

Terre Blanche Hotel Spa Golf Resort, located in Eastern Provence, France and nearby Cannes and the French Riviera, provides European travelers with a premier European destination in Southeastern France. This five-star resort is consistently rated as...
BY: JustLuxe Team | 2013

New Hampshire's Manor on Golden Pond Provides an Extra Touch of Local Character

Sitting prominently hidden on a hillside above Route 3, Manor on Golden Pond was built in 1907 by wealthy Florida real estate investor Issac Van Horn. The hotel is named after the hit movie classic On Golden Pond starring...
BY: Steve Mirsky | 2013

5 Fancy Felines Living It Up At Leading Hotels of the World

BY : Nicolle Monico | 2013

Let's face it, the Internet loves cats. Whether you consider yourself an animal lover or not, we are going to guess that you have laughed at a funny kitty video or secretly smiled when you saw a cute one. Some people aren't afraid to admit their...


5 Holiday Vacation Packages For a Festive Winter Break

Holiday hotel packages are popping up everywhere, crowding inboxes and social media feeds, making it harder to weed through and pick the right one for you. So we did some digging and put together a list of our five most exciting, festive or romantic...
BY: Nicolle Monico | 2013

From Villa to Seaside Hotel: Les Mouettes Has Blossomed Into a Four-Star Experience

One of the best things about Hotel Les Mouettes (translated: The Seagulls) on Corsica’s jagged western coast, is its wonderful outdoor terrace overlooking the glistening clear waters of the bay, the maquis-draped mountains and the...
BY: Sean Hillen | 2013

Park City's Washington School House Makes Going Back to School Cool Again

BY : Katherine Bond | 2013

This fall, I went back to school (sort of).  As September's crisp breezes brought the first fall of snow to Park City, Utah, I hunkered down in one of the town's newest boutique hotels, the Washington School House. The property derives a...


Willows Inn on Lummi Island Might Be Worth A Pilgrimage For Big Time Foodies

It was a sliver of the perfectly balanced sweet/salty, smoked reef-net salmon, simply presented on a cedar slab — I was a goner. Every nibble was unconsciously accompanied by a soulful ‘mmmm.’ I knew then that no matter how hard I...
BY: Janice Nieder | 2013

Sea Crest Beach Hotel: 100 Years of History Preserved on Cape Cod's Shores

BY : Lena Katz | 2013

Beach hotels in America tend to be built, enjoy a brief heyday, ease into a barely noticeable period of decline and then immediately be fully rehabbed or built again. The really loveable thing about the Sea Crest Beach Hotel in Falmouth,...


Schloss Fuschl: The Hills Are Alive at This Austrian Castle Turned Resort

BY : Louise Gaudern | 2013

A castle caressing the shore of a shimmering turquoise lake complete with mountain backdrop may sound like it belongs in a fairytale, but Schloss Fuschl Resort & Spa is most certainly a reality ready to be enjoyed. Located nine miles away from the...


Portland's Hotel Lucia: An Artistic Property for Style-Seekers

BY : Carly Zinderman | 2013

Initially, pulling up to the Hotel Lucia in Downtown Portland is much like pulling up to any urban luxury hotel. A doorman is there to greet you, take your bags, and guide you toward the lobby. The difference takes place once you step inside the...

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