Sharpen Your Knife Skills at Kimpton Hotels' Chef Series

Behind the Apron…Dishing with Kimpton Chefs

Photo Courtesy of Kimpton Hotels
Remember when your parents told you not to run with sharp objects because you might hurt someone? Well you still can’t do that, don’t be ridiculous; but you can learn how to properly choose, use and care for kitchen knives as part of Kimpton Hotels' Behind the Apron…Dishing with Kimpton Chefs series. Start slicing and dicing your way to a perfectly cut onion (tears of joy an added bonus) through the aptly named ‘Cut’ portion of the event led by Chefs Nathan Powers of Bambara Restaurant, John Critchley of Urbana and Walter Pisano of Tulio.

A total of 16 chefs from various Kimpton properties came out to show off why they’re employed by top restaurants and you’re just a layperson desperately in need of some culinary guidance. Unfortunately, lessons on infusing flavor, making desserts, and cooking with an open fire already took place throughout the year; but if by some odd chance you're tired of grocery shopping and want to learn how to go out into nature, get your hands dirty and pick ingredients from the wild, the Forage series is still to come. Each run for two months —’Cut’ takes place in September and October and ‘Forage’ rounds out the yearlong event in November and December. If you missed the other classes you’ll just have to learn how to cook the old fashioned way, by watching reality TV cooking competition shows. Now pack your knives and go.

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