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Savile Row

London W1S


Savile Row

Savile Row is known for its superb bespoke tailoring and is synonymous for quality. Each tailoring house (Alexander McQueen, Richard James and Henry Poole & CO are among the many with addresses at Savile Row) employs a master craftsmen to supervise the entire creation process of each bespoke suit resulting in expert attention to detail.

The term "bespoke" actually has ties in the suit-design process. The term derives from the phrase "spoken for" as customers would claim the fabrics and cloths used to make their suits. The cloth still plays a very important part in the bespoke process with many of the tailors on Savile Row offering a choice of at least 2,000 fabrics. Each custom suit takes a minimum of 50 hours (although most suits will take around 80 hours) to create and typically cost upwards of $5,000.


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