Mar. 15th, 2013

GROOV3 Mixes Up The Fitness Scene in L.A.

Photos Courtesy of GROOV3

Always the epicenter of southern California’s beauty and fashion, the people of Los Angeles are continually looking for new ways to keep fit. Diet and exercise trends (like the nutrition world’s latest Paleo craze) go in and out of the spotlight about as quickly as Hollywood’s “it factor” celebrities. Yet, the success of many health plans seems to be less about the fancy trainers, expensive gym memberships and organic grocery lists and more about variety. Successful trainers know that clients see the most results when mixing up their routine and having fun.

In an article about fitting exercise into your work schedule, no-nonsense celebrity trainer, Jillian Michaels (The Biggest Loser and Losing It with Jillian) has said, “Variety is always best to keep the body from plateau.” Following a similar mentality, celebrity choreographer Benjamin Allen has created GROOV3— a music-fueled, high energy workout meant to jumpstart anyone in an exercise rut.


Allen entered the professional dance scene in L.A. after graduating with a degree in business and communication from Arizona State University. Living in the city he engrossed himself in the world of dance, performing for the stage, film and television and even creating choreography for stars like Drew Barrymore, Queen Latifah and before beginning his teaching career. Working from the concept that the health benefits of dance should be accessible to everyone regardless of age, ability or talent, GROOV3 was created.

“Dance, sweat, live, that’s what we do,” Allen preached, “Let’s create a community of people, who for one hour can come together and let go of their stresses and worries through dance.” Soon after, Allen’s classes began attracting not only everyday fitness gurus who wanted a way to spice up their routines, but celebrity clients as well, including Gerard Butler, Angela Bassett and runway diva RuPaul.


The feel-good workout is more dance party than anything else, and most everyone can attest to feeling a bit sore from a night dancing at the club or after an impromptu jam session in the kitchen. The class teaches simple combinations that can be used outside of the classroom…like perhaps during a Friday night out with the girls (or guys!). The classes are complete with a DJ and are open to all levels of dance skill.

Five new classes have been added to the GROOV3 schedule in Santa Monica, Downtown L.A., Mid-Wilshire and Westchester; however, a full schedule of classes and locations are available via the GROOV3 website. Contributing to their “feel-good” mentality, every quarter GROOV3 also donates all the proceeds from a given class to a specific charity. “We are building communities of people who love to dance because it’s fun,” Allen says, “Everybody needs to dance. “

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