Luxury Vacations

We're Dreaming of a Pink Christmas From Marrakesh to Hawaii

BY : Lena Katz | 2013

  Had enough of White Christmas? Looking forward to a Radiant Orchid, the color of 2014? Apparently a few design tastemakers just can’t wait either. While red, green and snow continue to dominate the holiday scene; pink is the surprise...


Marathon Tours & Travel Offers Runners the Opportunity to Run 7 Races on 7 Continents

Marathon Tours and Travel is the official travel agency for the event that most athletes in the runner’s world view as the crème de la crème of the sport: the Boston Marathon. The firm is also the creator and organizer of...
BY: James Rothaar | 2013

The Svalbard Arctic Eclipse Adventure: View a Solar Eclipse From the Top of the World

BY : James Rothaar | 2013

Discover Magazine, a periodical focusing on “Science for the Curious,” has partnered with TravelQuest to offer a small, select group of adventure travelers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: viewing a total solar eclipse from the top...


Discovering the Best of French Influences in Switzerland's Countryside

BY : Cynthia Dial | 2013

A trip to Switzerland can be like visiting three separate countries—France, Germany and Italy—all uniquely distinctive, all wonderfully special, all within Switzerland. Constricted by time, I chose a French-style excursion through the...


California's Catalina Island Is a Cozy and Romantic Winter Destination

BY : Marissa Stempien | 2013

If you had told me a weekend adventure out to the Californian island of Catalina would have been a good winter trip, I would have immediately disagreed and planned a warm weekend of movie theaters and indoor shopping. Instead what awaited me and my...


Why New Mexico's Land of Enchantment Is a Great Place to Spend Christmas

As one of the most Catholic states and one of the poorest states in the US—but one with a world-class art capital and strong American Indian heritage—New Mexico is a memorable and unique place to be at Christmas time....
BY: Lena Katz | 2013

Bike Tours Portugal Promises a Luxury Vacation on Two Wheels

While riding around on a bicycle isn’t necessarily a luxury affair, Bike Tours Portugal (BTP) has found a way to make it a little more glamorous when visiting Europe. Choosing from either guided, self-guided or tailor-made tours, guests can...
BY: Nicolle Monico | 2013

Abu Dhabi: UAE's Booming City Quickly Becoming a Desert Oasis of Luxury

BY : Julie Hatfield | 2013

Like a lottery player who dreams of the beautiful things money could buy and finally hits the big number, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates revels in its wealth. Abu Dhabi has been on a mission to create a city of incredible architectural...


Tips on What to Explore While Visiting Cape Town, South Africa

With picturesque Table Mountain as the backdrop and a variety of things to do ranging from cage diving with great white sharks to hanging out with adorable penguins, Cape Town, South Africa is a great destination for adventurers. There are enough...

An American Safari: Jackson Hole's Vast Terrain, Wildlife and Luxury Lodgings

BY : Katherine Bond | 2013

One doesn't go to Wyoming to be sociable and surrounded by crowds of people; with only half a million residents, it gets the award for least populated state in America. Those who go to Wyoming go for its spectacular land filled with endless ski...


Limerick: Ireland's First City of Culture 2014 to Emerge from $8M Rejuvenation

Limerick, a southwestern Irish city that has fought strongly to overcome a negative, violence-related image, is set to take center stage as Ireland’s first national City of Culture, an initiative that hopes to create more culturally relevant...
BY: Sean Hillen | 2013

A Canadian Vacation With Demeure: A Company Offering A Different Kind of Travel Experience

The structure of a vacation sounds like an oxymoron, as structure and improvisation (that word usually defining a great vacation) seem such like such opposing concepts. But usually, there is organization to a vacation, especially if you rent from a...
BY: Susan Kime | 2013
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