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Meet the Special Forces Vets Who Want to Take You on a Luxury Golf Beirut

BY : Donald Herrera-Fairbairn | 2014

Looking to have a real adventure on your next golfing vacation? You might want to look into Cavalry + Company and their Middle East packages. With access to some of the most exciting golf courses on earth, their guides are special forces veterans...


Practice Your Handstands in Kenya During the $5K Dunia Yoga Safari Retreat

BY : Nicolle Monico | 2014

If you ask me, practicing yoga in Africa sounds pretty amazing as it is, but when you mix in luxury accommodations, safaris and expert speakers into the mix, now it’s become a pretty epic trip. The nine-day adventure from Extraordinary...


4 Luxury Ski Resorts With Real Estate for Sale in Vermont

Staying in high-end accommodations will enhance any ski vacation; staying in your own luxurious vacation home is quite another thing. The benefits associated with owning your own ski property are too numerous to mention. However, one thing is...
BY: Roger Sands | 2014

Getting to Know Brazil's Less Famous Carnival Destinations & Festivities

BY : Lena Katz | 2014

The World Cup is three months away in Brazil, and with the Summer Olympics taking place there in 2016, the country should be one of the top travel destinations in the world over the next two years. And of course, there's always Rio de...


Villas, Dolphins & Helicopters Part of Scrub Island Resort's Adult Spring Break Packages

BY : Nicolle Monico | 2014

You remember college, right? The “best years of your life,” as some would say. I’ll bet that those “best” years probably involved exciting Spring Break trips with your closest friends or significant others. As adults,...


7 Things to Do While Visiting the Caribbean Island of Nevis

BY : Katie Goldstein | 2014

If you’re searching for the perfect escape where you can truly unplug and unwind, consider a trip to the sleepy island of Nevis, located between Puerto Rico and Antigua. Its unique landscape features lush greenery, sugar plantation ruins and...


Spain's Charming Island of Menorca Ideal for Europe’s Low-Profile Jet-Setters

BY : Eric Rosen | 2014

While the vibrant beaches and stunning mountains of Mallorca and the thumping clubs of Ibiza tend to attract the lion’s share of international visitors to Spain’s sun-drenched Balearic Islands, it is their quieter neighbor, Menorca, that...


Visiting Germany's Glasmuseum Passau & The Benedictine Monastery at Melk

Through A Glass Lightly: Passauer Glasmuseum On a recent trip from Passau, Germany to Budapest, Hungary last month on a Viking River Christmas Markets cruise, I had the privilege of partaking in some truly exceptional...
BY: Susan Kime | 2014

5 Luxury Dude Ranches to Visit During The Year of the Horse

BY : Nicolle Monico | 2014

According to the Chinese Lunar New Year, 2014 is The Year of the Horse. According to astrologists, this means that this year will be a great year for travel since the horse communicates speedy and successful transportation from one destination to...


Where to Go If You're In The Know: Three Awesome Destinations for 2014

When planning a trip for 2014, whether you’re looking for the best food in the world, a tropical paradise or a wildlife-filled adventure, look past the typical destinations and check out these three must-see places off the beaten path,...

Nashville: A Destination About Much More Than Just Music

“Welcome to Nashville. You can pick up your luggage and guitar cases at carousel one,” announces the flight attendant upon landing in the Tennessean capital. This, like many, were the words welcoming me into Music City. Nashville...
BY: Cynthia Dial | 2014

2014 Travel Forecast: This Year is All About Fun, Fitness, Vodka and Cruising

To kick off the New Year, experts in every industry are sounding off with trends reports and “official lists” of what to do/where to go/what’ll be hot in 2014. We’re seeing fresh takes on classic pursuits, or extra perks for...
BY: Lena Katz | 2014
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