Own Your Vacation with Marriott Vacation Club's Fairway Villas

With over 50 luxurious resorts worldwide, owners with the Marriott Vacation Club (MVC) can walk the Great Wall of China, share the thrill of an African safari, cruise the azure waters of the Caribbean or savor refined wine tastings in California’s wine country.

Owning your own vacation is not a new concept; timeshares have been around for a long time. However, the MVC has broken the mold of the timeshare industry by discarding the "whole week" concept in favor of a more flexible points system. As such, owners can split their vacations into days and can even roll over unused points to the next year.

Roger Sands

As a freelance travel and sports writer with more than three decades of experience from which to draw upon, I specialize in outdoor activity travel. Also, tea is a passion and I am continually searching for the ultimate setting for the time honored tradition of Afternoon Tea. For a sample of my work, please check out these articles: Deer Valley: Luxury On and Off the Slopes; New York's Most ...(Read More)

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