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Best Caribbean Travel Destination: Guadeloupe

Dec. 16th, 2009 | Comments 1 | Make a Comment   
Luxury Vacations: The Guadeloupe Islands are a prime location for individuals looking for an authentic French Caribbean experience. A place virtually untouched by tourism, the raw nature still prevalent on the islands lends itself to those with a spirit of adventure and an interest in culture. Hop from island to island via sailboat to discover new places: virgin rainforests, deserted tropical beaches and rich wildlife.

Creole culture is at its finest here and festivals throughout the year showcase the rich history and deeply intertwined roots of African and French heritages. Dining also reflects these roots with a mix of spices and technique from both cultures, combined with abundant Caribbean resources like tropical fruits and fresh fish. A handful of luxury hotels and resorts have sprung up on the Guadeloupe Islands, each one unique and offering excellent accommodation.

For those fascinated by nature, Guadeloupe National Park boasts an active volcano, La Sofriere. The volcano allows nature-lovers to hike all the way up to its mouth. On the way, you will pass breathtaking waterfalls, rich tropical flora and plentiful banana trees. Guadeloupe Island offers a wealth of vegetation, culture and history, all combined with a distinctive lack of tourism. The main town of Pointe-?-Pitre is the place to begin your experience; the central port boasts the influence of Paris in a small Caribbean community. Traveling there is a breeze with multiple direct flights from the US to Pointe-?-Pitre every week.

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