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Alberta Posted on 10.27.2013

Of course the perfect spot is going to depend on your tastes, but visitors enjoy the Room Mate Laura in the Sol neighborhood. At a reasonable price, it will leave a good deal of cash in the reserve to let you enjoy your time in the city. Alternatively, you can always let go and have a romantic rendezvous at the Ritz, but that'll cost you.

Carol Posted on 10.27.2013

There's the El Corte InglÚs in Malasa?a and the Plenilunio in San Blas. These are two of the more popular shopping centers, and will probably have enough to keep you occupied for at least a few hours each.

Abigail Posted on 10.27.2013

If you're really interested in high-end clubs, be ready to pay for it, The Ocho y Medio has a solid reputation, but that reputation comes at a price. If that's no concern, then be sure to check it out and enjoy your time. When it comes to night clubs in Madrid, you'd be hard pressed to find a place that can beat the Ocho.

Alberta Posted on 10.27.2013

There's a lot of negative press about Madrid and its crime rate, but the fact of the matter is, hundreds of thousands of residents use the metro every day. Unless you advertise yourself as a tourist, you won't be noticed amongst the thousands and thousands of others who share it with you. If you do advertise yourself as a tourist, you're still unlikely to face any trouble. Just follow basic common sense and odds are good that you'll be safer than in most transit systems around the world.

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