Jan. 10th, 2014

Keep Your Health Goals & Give to Charity at the Same Time With Cyc Fitness

Cyc Fitness
Photos Courtesy of Cyc Fitness

The concept of New Year’s fitness resolutions is definitely not new. Most health and fitness magazines will be bombarding you with diet trends, exercises routines and unique cardio workouts (Zumba, pole dancing, aerial silk aerobics) to try this year. Just like them, we could either fight it, or go with it. We chose the latter; because we want to see you hit those goals as much as you do.

 Cyc Fitness

If you’re in New York City, you now have a new way to tone up those muscles and abs. Cyc, an innovative fitness concept that combines cardio and strength training on a bike, opened its doors this month. Already established in Austin, TX and Madison, WI (of all places), Cyc’s newest address is at 4 Astor Place in DavidBartonGym.

 Cyc Fitness

The studio accommodates more than 50 bikes in a space designed by Glen Coben, a renowned architect best known for his work on Niketown stores nationwide. Riders will also have the benefit of being able to access DavidBartonGym’s facilities before and after classes, as well as the gym's special member's rates.

But here’s the unique thing about this workout, it combines a social platform on the web and for every mile achieved, Cyc will donate a portion of their profits to their pre-selected charity partners. Designed by Keoni Hudoba, an Under Armour-sponsored athlete, the Cyc method is a rhythm-based 45-minute ride that works out the whole body.

 Cyc Fitness

Lest you get bored and think this is just another cycling class, the instructors ensure that every ride is different and techniques are incorporated into sectors that have been motivated by more than 20 different sports.

What’s a workout without a good playlist? Cyc’s team will create some of the best mixes for the class in collaboration with major and indie record labels. You may even be the first to hear Madonna’s newest dance beat or Britney Spears’ most current motivational lyrics (Look hot in a bikini?/You better work, [girl]) .

 Cyc Fitness

Since we live in the new age of sharing all things, Cyc Social will be installed on bikes to connect riders both inside and outside the studio. The social platform will allow guests to receive notifications when friends and family register for a class or see where people in their network are sitting so they can book a bike nearby. Classes are currently priced from $20-$25 per session and corporate and student rates are offered.

Just think, your five-mile ride could potentially be helping out youth with disabilities at the Challenged Athletes Foundation. Isn’t that reason enough? Never mind that your legs will be looking great as you do so.

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