Jun. 27th, 2014

5 Italian Fashions Every New York Man Should Add to Their Closets

Photo Courtesy of Versace

Face it fellas, as American men, we don't exactly have much in the way of a signature style nor are we known globally for being particularly fashionable. Italians, on the other hand, have a striking style that's hard to put into words, but has a definitive look. Even guys in a fashion-forward city like New York could learn a few lessons from Milanese and Florentine wardrobes. We turned to a few of Italy's leading fashion houses for tips on helping you fix up your closet with some decidedly Italian duds to achieve a signature style whether it be classic Italian or sprezzatura.

Photo Courtesy of Prada

Accessorize with a Touch Flair

American men can do a lot for their wardrobes by simply adding colorful eye-catching accessories to their wardrobe. Italian men have perfected this concept and here’s how you can easily incorporate it into your own look: a black suit and overcoat will actually look more professional (and infinitely more stylish) when accompanied by a draped multicolor pastel scarf. 

Photo Courtesy of Giorgio Armani

Embrace Imperfections (Sometimes)

The aforementioned sprezzatura is in itself a fashionable art form, but for those of you unacquainted with the term, a brief primer is in order. The best way to describe sprezzatura is the sartorial equivalent of making something that’s incredibly difficult appear to have been done thoughtlessly or with little effort.

America's grunge phase during the '90s is a great example of sprezzatura. However, instead of purposely wrinkled flannel shirts and over-washed denim, the Italian version uses items like suit pieces, ties and unconventional pocket squares. It's premeditated disheveled at its best.

dolce and gabbana
Photo Courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana

Go Thin

While getting in and staying in shape can have a substantial impact on how stylish a man looks, the thinness we're talking about is in the form of belts, ties and the way clothing is cut. Italian men's style has an unspoken focus on the thin, and guys in New York City should take note.

Photo Courtesy of Prada

Own More Than Two Jackets

Americans have a bad habit of being okay with having only two jackets in their closets. One, a casual or foul-weather piece, the other an overcoat that's usually paired with a suit.

On the other hand, Italian men are known for having as wide a collection of coats and jackets as an American guy has ties, which allows them to match many different looks alongside their various outfits. Just look at the above photo from Prada's Spring/Summer 2015 collection, it's a pretty large array of jackets for summer. Considering the nature of New York City winters, additional jackets should be easy purchases to justify.

Photo Courtesy of Gucci

Prepare for a Leisurely Boat Ride

Whether it's the Mediterranean air or simply further proof of their sense of style, Italian men often appear ready to spend time sipping cocktails aboard a yacht, and they look great for it. Other than a pair of casual slip-on shoes, most American men already have the tools to rock this summery fashion and it's really easy to pull off. Khaki slacks and a partially tucked in white button-up shirt (with no undershirt) make up the majority of this look. Or you can take a cue from Gucci's Spring/Summer 2015 runway collection and don a sharp blazer in navy and white, plus some of their killer shoes and you're set.

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