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King of Morocco's Royal Mansour Marrakech to Open in November

Posted: Jun. 9th, 2009  |  By JustLuxe Team
Luxury Resorts: In November, the King of Morocco will unveil the ultra-luxurious Le Royal Mansour resort in Marrakech, consisting of 53 beautifully-appointed individual riads, traditional Moroccan dwellings with interior gardens. His Majesty, Mohammed IV, has spared no expense to create a new icon of Moroccan elegance and establish the locale as one if the worlds premier luxury travel destinations. In addition to the riads, the eight-acre property will feature three restaurants and a Moroccan spa. Built into the ancient wall of Marrakech, the resort recreates an historical medina and is punctuated with Andalusian courtyards, winding alleyways, and spectacular water displays and fountains.

Each of the riads, which range in size from 1,400-sq.-ft. to a palace-sized 21,520-sq.-ft., is uniquely designed and furnished with silks and brocades, ornate tiles, and handcrafted wood and antique furniture. Riad lobbies welcome guests into open-air courtyards surrounded by a bar, living area, and in some cases, a dining room; first floors house bedrooms that overlook the private courtyard below; and roof terraces (above) with sun beds and private pools provide stunning views of Marrakech or the Atlas mountains. The 26,900 sq.-ft. spa is located in its own glazed pavilion surrounded by a moat and features a fitness center, spa treatment rooms, and an indoor pool.

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Mohamed Moussaid commented on March 1, 2011

It seems this will go beyond all the imaginary and the legendary one thousand nights and one night concept. It is not a surprise considering the sourcing ideas coming from our King who striving day and night to promote not only Marrakech but Morocco as a whole. let's wait for the opening...this will be really a CHEF D'OEUVRE Thank you Sidi Mohamed .

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zineb commented on January 13, 2011

can you help me i want to have teh HR Email , i would like to join this hotel team

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MARIA ALAOUI commented on January 9, 2011

It is the most luxirious place I ever seen in the whole world. Fabulous place where to stay

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majda ouadghiri commented on July 28, 2010

I just fall in love with this palace, would like to see more pictures. friends would like to see what really the description is about. I can imagine the beauty and elegance of the palace. i" m from fes city. Thank you sidi mohamed, your the best. love you majda ouadghiri fort lauderdale, florida usa

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malek commented on March 16, 2010

I Strongly believe that Yoyal Mansour Merrakech would be one of The Leading and De luxe hotels of the world, where guests can have a personalised services by their personal butler, who dedidcates himslef and time to his guests's needs and requirments as well as pays attaention to every single details regarding his repeated and non-repeated guests. should a guest be a repeated guest, then s/he would reveieve a very special service as his butler knew him and his preferences and likes and dislikes before s/he comes/arrives at Rola Mansour Merrakech. In other words, everythings gets done and ready before the arrival of guests. In a very shor way, butler service is a very person

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