Aug. 11th, 2010

The Butler & The Chef...And a Really Good Breakfast: San Fransisco's Finest French Bistro

San Fransisco Restaurants: Do not bring a Starbucks into this restaurant. The chef will personally greet you, take your drink, dispose of it, all while muttering obscenities under his breath (in his heavy, thick, French accent). Poor tourists.

Welcome to The Butler & The Chef, a quaint little French Bistro hidden in South Park.

From the yellow awnings adorning the entry way, the staff talking hurriedly in French, the cramped tables, the tchotchkes on the walls, and the angry chef making tourists feel awkward, I knew I was in for a treat.

With lines that usually wrap around the corner, the best time to come and join the crowd waiting outside, is right before opening. After all, waiting in line is just silly.

Due to my love of Eggs Benedict it was obvious what I would be ordering. My choice of the Niman Ranch Han Benedict was undoubtedly the best, most filling, Benedict meal I have had. Served with a side of salad tossed in a citrus-based vinaigrette, the mix of creamy hollandaise with thick toasted olive bread and rich yolk was the perfect meal to start my day. Directly across from me, my boyfriend must have known what I was thinking and quickly gave me a bite of his Croque Monsieur. Made of baked Niman Ranch ham and emmenthal on organic white bread, cr?me fraîche and cornichons, this warm sandwich is best described (for those who don't know) as the French take on a grilled ham and cheese sandwich.

Washed down with a glass of Kir Royal, I can easily attest that this has been one of the best breakfasts to satisfy my epicurean taste buds.

It doesn't end here. Finish your meal off with a cup of espresso and an order of the Profiterole — puff pastries filled with french vanilla ice cream and dark chocolate sauce drizzled over. As you wait for your check to be cleared, don't be surprised or claim you are too full, when the waiter brings you over two pieces of chocolate. Enjoy and make sure you are dressed comfortable, because when you are completely satisfied, you will want to walk for a good amount of time after you leave this bistro.
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