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Aug. 14th, 2009

Invigorate Your Senses at YHI Spa Cabo San Lucas

In addition to the deep tissue massage my husband and I received, other Renewal massages include the 75-minute Sacred Stones Massage. This holistic healing treatment combines hot volcanic stones with therapeutic oil with sea spruce essence, marjoram and clary sage, used to eliminate negative energy and balance chakras through the stones. Deeply relaxing, this massage reduces physical and mental exhaustion while strengthening the immune system.

Among the many interesting Transformation body wraps is the 75-minute Purifying Cochimie Wrap -- an ancient treatment that combines a nourishing wrap with a relaxing massage to purify the body and puts the mind in contact with nature's elements (air, water, fire and earth) to balance and harmonize energies. It begins with a deep relaxing massage with pre-Hispanic musical background to connect body an mind at a spiritual level; a mixture of grape and marigold oil is used with a bunch of red smashed grapes to provide a rich combination of moisture and nutrients. A body mask is applied with slush (mud) of wild roses and a wrap of lukewarm blankets soaked in aromatherapy of sea spruce, marjoram, and clary sage. The excess is removed and the ritual purification bath in steam room starts. When you get out, you relax with aromatherapy and a nourishing gel of your choice: prickly pear, chamomile, cuachalalate, tepexcohuite, or aloe with hyaluronic acid.

A variety of purifying, nourishing and anti-aging Restoration face treatments are available for both women and men, such as the 80-minute Anti-Aging Magic Facial. This unique therapy combines a polymeric mask with an intensive massage of the facial muscles. The mask is made with exceptionally nutritious ingredients, based on corn starch, lactose and honey. An antioxidant (tepezcohuite) gel is used to help regenerate cells damaged by the environment and pollution, while free antiradicals (coenzime Q10) are also used to give the facial skin great strength, tone and elasticity.

Revitalization treatments for the scalp, hands and feet are equally resplendent. Those in need of some "sole survival" should opt for the 50-minute Mar de Cortes Foot Spa treatment. This prodigious pedicure uses sea algae to detoxify and reduce the inflammation of tired feet, soaking them in a tub with sea salts and sea stones. A mud wrapping with sea mud is applied that will help to detoxify and reduce the inflammation of feet, combined with a camphor gel with ginger, rosemary and mint scent applied in a reflexology massage and a soft herbal tonic breeze.

Other Revitalization treatments include the 75-minute Anti-cellulite Gold Ritual designed to balance and energize your skin with Asian centella, laminating algae, rosemary essence, grapefruit essence and horsetail, which detoxifies, stimulates circulation and provides an anti-cellulite diuretic effect. A strong exfoliation is done with exfoliating fruit gel and skin cleaner gel with tea tree oil to stimulate the micro-circulation and that allows a greater absorption of nutrients. An intensive draining and detoxifying massage is done to break the greasy deposits in the affected zones with reduction gel; it is wrapped with sea mud, rich sea algae (draining and detoxifying) and coffee grains (stimulant and to metabolize grease) with lukewarm blankets, coffee, cinnamon and clove scent. Meanwhile you will receive a facial and scalp massage. Afterward, you'll have a Vichy shower and then a revitalizing massage with ice therapy. The session ends with aromatherapy of coffee, clove, cinnamon and a detoxifying gel, all leaving your skin feeling revitalized and energized.

YHI spa also offers an array of add-on therapies, such as hydrating hand and foot treatments, eye contour treatments, a cold stone facial massage that's ideal for sensitive skin, hand and foot paraffin treatments, and facial and body waxing. Pre-set and customized spa packages are also available for 90-minutes, half-day, and full-day sessions.

On the fitness front, YHI Spa offers personalized one-on-one wellness programs developed to suit individual goals. Personal trainers will assess a guest's needs and create a custom exercise session. The spa also has refreshments to enjoy in between sessions, such as tea, a fresh juice selection, healthy beverages, and light spa snacks.

A lobby boutique also provides a great way to maintain the balance and harmony achieved at YHI Spa in your hotel room and at home, with many of the products used by the therapists for treatments -- some developed exclusively for this renowned spa -- available for sale.

YHI Spa is open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. (fitness center), 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. (water ritual center) and 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. (spa treatment appointments. Learn more online at

- Merilee Kern
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