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2013 Festivals of Montreal

Posted: Feb. 4th, 2013  |  By Michael Pearse
Belfast Telegraph

Montreal is a one of a kind city because it is a mixture of cultures. They have three dominant cultures; American, French, and British. But what makes them extremely special is that they managed to hand pick only the great aspects of each culture. With that being said this 2013 Montreal will have a list of festivals celebrating all of its cultures, don’t miss out on any of these wonderful festivals.

Canadians are wonderful people.

They’ve somehow managed to soak up the best of American, French and British influences without the ignorance of the Americans, the arrogance of the French or the sheer bloody mindedness of the English.

Montreal may be the largest city in the determinedly French-speaking Quebec province but it’s a welcoming, warm-hearted and truly cosmopolitan place, with Greek, Italian and Chinese quarters and a thriving gay village as well.

And the rest of the world flocks to this gracious metropolis set on the broad, fast-flowing St. Lawrence River, just an hour or so from the US border.

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