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May. 3rd, 2013

Austrian Agritourism: Authentic Farmhouse in the Country

Photos Courtesy of Home Away
Set among the lush Carnic Mountains, Gail Our farmhouse proves setting off on an agritourism adventure hardly means living like a serf. If you aren't familiar with the term, agritourism is essentially a fancy way of saying travelers of this genre enjoy a farm-style environment. While this particular property is not a fully-functioning farm where guests would come to work, it is indeed a farm house offering a solid dose of authentic Austrian charm.

A mix of classically clean European lines and design, this spacious house offers five bedrooms with room to sleep up to eight. Outfitted with pristine wood floors, high beam ceilings and a full range of modern amenities, the full service gourmet kitchen and dining area feels very farmhouse-chic.

Early risers can catch the morning light in the welcoming breakfast area that offers a nook for morning tea or drawing the family together for a game evening.

With entertaining options offered outdoors in the grilling area and garden as well, nestling up, staying in and taking in panoramic views of the surrounding countryside from one of the home’s many balconies might be your favorite activity of the week…but there is also a lot to see and do nearby if relaxing isn't the only thing on the menu.

Should you tire of admiring the gorgeous scenery (not likely) at Gail Our there is always a Plan B (or C, or D!). Throughout the year, Oberdobernitzen offers quite a few options for (mainly outdoorsy) activities, accessible by both foot and car.

Travelers who seek to shake up their visit with an adrenaline rush will find all kinds of escapades; from wind-surfing to golfing, cycling, fishing, rafting, ice skating or skiing, the property is ideal, both as a summer retreat or a winter playground.

Available through the year, be sure to book Gail Our farm early as summer options for lodging fill quickly. Rates range from $76- $124 a night and of course vary seasonally, with the high season running from later December (a white Austrian Christmas anyone?) to late February. Plus, what may be a bonus for some, the owners will consider pets accompanying any vacationers... after all it IS a farmhouse.
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