A Luxury Review-Best Ever Calvin Klein Watch on the Market

The Calvin Klein brand is known across the globe for its beautiful designs when it comes to clothes. However, what most customers do not realize is that they have a wide range of designs in their watches as well. Now it would have been very simple for a brand like CK to keep their designs simple and pass them off as “Avant-garde”. But if you take a look at any Calvin Klein watch, you will realize that the company pays lot of attention to the detailing and the design.

Today let me tell you about what I feel the best watch on the market from this brand is. I am talking about the K1A23602. Now I was shopping for a gift for my wife and wanted to surprise her with something out of this world. So I decided to jolt down the parameters on the basis of which I would decide. After much thought and deliberation, this is what I came up with.

The way the watch is designed

The ability to merge with every dress

The way the model functions

Let us start with how the K1A23602 is designed. I had certain expectations from a Calvin Klein watch. I expected it to have a unique design element. I certainly did not want a boring old round dial with a standard strap. Thankfully, the K1A23602 did not disappoint. Calvin Klein has taken two stainless steel straps and an oval dial to make a unique shape. The straps have been sprayed with a silver coating. They have then been fused in a bracelet design with a huge hole in the center to hold the oval dial. The result is a spectacular looking timepiece, which is unique in the whole world.

However, one thing I had to be aware of was that the watch had to be more than a watch. It had to look good and classy with casual, formal and party wear. After all, my wife would use every opportunity to show off her Calvin Klein watch. One look at the K1A23602 and I knew that the model would be the talking point both at the office and at parties. The designers at CK have used a simple black face with a simple hour and minute hand. The CK logo and the words Swiss made have also been fused into the watch and merged directly into the background.

The final criterion was how the model functions. Now you might assume that CK would pay more attention to the design and less to the functionality. However, the K1A23602 is still working without any glitches. The secret is the two little words embossed on the watch – Swiss made. This means the Calvin Klein watch uses the quartz movement to power it. In other words, no matter how many years my wife uses this timepiece; she will always have the right time.

What is your favorite watch from the CK stable? I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on the matter.

Author bio: Teresa is a busy mom, blogger and a freelance writer. She speaks fluently English, Danish and Norwegian and a couple of months ago she strated writing for Uniwatches and their Calvin Klein watches line (also known in Norwegian as Calvin Klein ure fra Uniwatches).

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