Get Plugged into the Foot Fashion World with Pluggz

There are flip flops and then there are Pluggz that will keep you plugged into your most natural self. These unique sandals are each made with black plugs from a custom carbon and rubber compound. Placed right under the weight bearing part of your foot, the carbon acts as a conduit ensuring electrical contact between you and the earth.

Because most shoes create a barrier to grounding, Pluggz offers a unique way to not only get but stay grounded. Walking on the ground barefoot enables our bodiesto efficiently absorb the earth’s abundant electrons but most shoes provide a barrier from the ground to our feet.

Studies have also shown that we have too many free radicals floating around our bodies, which can often lead to discomfort, pain and inflammation. In an effort to reduce these toxins, Pluggz has created a way for electrons to help neutralize free radicals allowing us to heal us from the inside out.

We love the men’s rubber brown flip flops, which were extremely comfortable for long treks due to the arches embedded in the footbed for added support. The stylish silver women’s sandals were just as comfortable, offered great support and cushion while providing a fashionable addition to any wardrobe with its satin sheen straps.

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Kellie Speed

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