Grilling Made Easier and Juicier with Saber Grills

Not all grills are created equal. Just ask Rob Schwing, General Manager of Saber Grills, who believes better equipment produces a better barbecue. Saber Grills are known for their advanced infrared cooking system that ensures the food is cooked quickly and evenly without flare-ups, all while using 30 percent less propane. If you haven't cooked on an infrared system, don't be intimidated — the grill does all of the work for you.

“For the novice cook, you don't need to know anything about infrared cooking,” Schwing says. “You just need to cook with it. If you are a grill master, you will enjoy the accolades of bringing in a great steak every time. All of the rage now is grills with LED-lit knobs and an electronic control panel, but it’s important to ask, 'Does the food taste any different coming off the grill?' It doesn't matter about all the bells and whistles when the food isn't great. If all of those features didn't make what you ate better, then why put it there? Our grills don't contain useless features. We picked benchmark features with a purposeful design. That’s what really makes us different.”

Why did Saber choose the infrared system for its grills? “The grill can heat up to 900 degrees within 10 minutes and our technology is extraordinarily fuel efficient, saving a minimum of 30 percent propane usage by only heating the space you need for the meal you're cooking,” he says. “We created the rapid preheat function for the grill because there isn't a lot of leisure time for families today. By the time you walk into the house, grab some burgers and a spatula, the grill will be ready for you.”

We decided not to just take Schwing’s word for it so we put the Saber SS 330 stainless steel grill to the test to see if it lived up to our expectations. This particular space-conscious model is compact in size and is designed for smaller outdoor areas (great for two people or a family of four looking to save space).

When it arrived in a box, we were surprised how quick and easy it was to put together. “From an assembly point of view, we have the benefit of allowing you to use a single tool to put the grill together,” says Schwing. “There are not a lot of parts in the box when you get it, so assembly is fast and simple allowing, for a stress-free process. From start to finish, assembly should take around 45 minutes to an hour.”

The sturdy durable grill consists of sturdy shelves bolted to a tube frame, stainless steel burners with grate system and emitters, and two cooking zones. When it comes to cooking, grilling has never been easier or tastier. If you think all burgers taste the same off the grill, you haven't had one cooked on an infrared system. Think seared on the outside, while locking all of the juices inside.

“To grill a really good set of burgers, I recommend taking 80/20 burgers. Because with the right fat content on a regular grill they will shrink dramatically and will have flare ups, but we have eliminated that. Most gas grills are convective in nature. The challenge with the convection process is that it takes away moisture, which is why the food dries out. As we create heat, we take the air and vent it out. It’s like cooking with the sun’s energy versus cooking with a hair dryer. This gives you a super moist and super juicy product, which is why we felt we created a better barbecue.”

When you are done cooking, there is a front access grease tray to provide easy cleanup, but the best part about this grill just might be that there is essentially no cleanup. Just burn off all of the food and brush the remnants away with the grate cleaning tool. “The cooking surface is stainless steel but you should treat it like it’s a cast iron skillet, not a stainless steel pan,” he adds. “The trick is to let it carbonize. Turn on the grill 15 minutes before you get started so it gets super hot and the grates turn amber. We recommend spraying the food directly with nonstick cooking spray instead of spraying it directly on the surface. Then put the food on the grate. You want the grates to turn black with a layer of carbon that then turns to white ash after you are done grilling. Once you are finished cooking, use the cleaning tool to scrape the cooking grate and knock off any pieces. Once they have cooled down, you can even take the grates out and bang them together and put them back.”

We also recommend the stainless steel rotisserie accessory kit for some of the juiciest roasted chicken and prime rib you will ever taste. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

Kellie Speed

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