New Book Sheds Light on Importance of Addressing Global Warming Now

There’s a lot of chatter about global warming, but many people are not sure what to make of it. They just know that there’s a debate that goes back and forth. One author is out to set the record straight and teach teens about the dangers of global warming, and he’s doing so in a sci-fi fantasy graphic novel that they will find engaging, full of adventure, and even hopeful. The book, titled “Dry,” is by Stephon Stewart and is available now through online booksellers.

“It’s imperative that we get the younger generation to realize the importance of the threat that global warming creates and to get them to take action,” explains Stephon Stewart, theorist and author. “This is a graphic novel that teens and adults will find fascinating, and they will come away learning about the problem and be more aware that we need to save water and address climate change issue now.”

The book, published in October 2021 by Markosia Enterprises, has been written with teens ages 13 and up through adults in mind. The story focuses on the journey a farmer and his daughter take in their quest to find water to survive because the earth all dried up due to global warming. A lesson in perseverance and how important the actions of each individual are, the book provides a visually and emotionally profound lesson regarding human existence. 

Some of the things the book aims to do include are the following:

Help parents introduce environmental ethics to their children.

Provide a foundation of understanding global warming and how it can impact humans.

Identify the dangers we face globally if positive changes are not made.

Show the importance of persevering and working hard to improve conditions.

Inspire people to become scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs to help solve the climate change problem.

“This is such an important issue, and I’ve had great feedback from teens about how the book resonates with them,” added Stewart. “It’s an honor to be able to be a part of this special mission, where I show through sci-fi the ugliness of humanity when in dire straits.”

According to NASA, climate extremes, such as droughts, floods and extreme temperatures, can lead to crop losses and threaten the livelihoods of agricultural producers and the food security of communities worldwide. Human activities (primarily the burning of fossil fuels) have fundamentally increased the concentration of greenhouse gases in Earth’s atmosphere, warming the planet. Natural drivers, without human intervention, would push our planet toward a cooling period.

Throughout the story, we are constantly reminded to not take Earth for granted as we see troubling visuals of our planet without oceans and agriculture. We see the future of the alarming consequences of climate change and what would happen if we continued to allow Earth’s atmosphere to remain in a vulnerable state. See how the story ends and read the 186-page adventure story for yourself. “Dry” is out everywhere now and available worldwide at Barnes and NobleAmazon, and

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