One Company is Taking Glassware to a Whole New Sustainable Level

Photo courtesy of Neutrall

Many people around the country have found that in recent years, their recycling program has stopped taking glass products. For those who care about conservation, this is troublesome, because glass is one of the things that can continuously be recycled. One family in Austin, Texas, is out to revolutionize the glassware industry, one glass at a time. They have created a line of glassware that is upcycled, so it uses previously discarded glass and sustainable.

“We are essentially offering the most eco-friendly glassware that money can buy,” explains Sarah Scott Mitchell, co-owner of Neutrall. “As the saying goes, you should be the change you want to see in the world, so we created the change we wanted, and we are bringing to the rest of the country.”

Mitchell and Ernesto Humpierres live in Austin and have young twins. She has devoted her career to conservation, and currently serves as the director for Cook’s Branch Conservancy, where she helps to restore natural ecosystems. Humpierres, who has a career background working in a variety of business settings, also prioritizes conservation and sustainability. Together they wanted to set the example of how conservation and sustainability are compatible with business models. Thus, Neutrall was born.

To ensure the line of glassware would be everything they wanted it to be, they started with having it be made in the USA. After all, if something that is labeled as being sustainable or eco-friendly traveled 10,000 miles to get to you, then it isn’t as environmentally friendly as one would like to believe. Rather, they vowed to keep all the manufacturing and fulfillment in America. 

All Neutrall glassware is completely upcycled and sustainable, from the initial materials used to create the glasses to the eco-friendly packaging used to ship them. The glasses are sturdy, compact, and Montessori-friendly. They are shipped in carbon-neutral packaging, there is zero waste, and each purchase includes additional carbon offsets that help to guarantee that it’s a carbon-neutral product.

“Things have to change, and we are happy to start leading the way to do that,” added Humpierres. “This is just the beginning. We look forward to where this will go and what other companies will come along with us.”

The first product launched by Neutrall is a set of two upcycled 8-ounce glass cups that are shipped in sustainable packaging. The sturdy and compact glasses are great for morning juices and drinks, and great for small hands. They are great for families, and to give as gifts for weddings and house warmings. Those who sign up to get the company’s free newsletter can save 12% off their purchase. To get more information about Neutrall or place an order, visit the site:

Photo courtesy of Neutrall

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