Rise Medical Highlights Women’s Treatments for National Women’s Health Week

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National Women's Health Week runs from May 8-14, 2022, making it a great time to spotlight ways that women can feel their best. One area that needs more attention and is often overlooked is women's sexual health. While many people have shied away from the subject, one company, Rise Medical, is spotlighting the issue to help women take control of their sexual wellness. They will feel their best and improve their quality of life by doing so.

“So much attention has been focused on men’s sexual wellness in the last two decades. Women have been left out of the party. That’s all going to change because of the work we’re doing at Rise." explains Kathleen Markel, co-founder of Rise Medical. "Our goal is to help raise awareness about issues women face and let them know about the wonderful treatments available to them. Some of these issues can be addressed with just one visit. We’re thrilled to be the first national company to be opening clinics that treat both men and women.”

The sexual health issues that millions of women experience are often only discussed at lunches with their girlfriends or in private online groups. Women fear they are the only ones experiencing the problem and don't realize that there are ways to help address the problems. Rise Medical helps women address sexual wellness issues, tailoring the program to the individual. 

Here are three of the most common and popular treatments provided at Rise Medical to help women with sexual wellness issues:

Viveve™. This noninvasive treatment is the latest technology in women's intimate health. The 30 min treatment delivers cryogen-cooled monopolar radiofrequency (CMRF) waves internally to tighten tissue and strengthen the muscle surrounding the pelvic floor. This results in improving or complete elimination of urinary incontinence. According to a study published in The Journal of Urology in June 2021, 53% of the women had some form of urinary incontinence, with 24% of them reporting that it impacts their daily activities. Viveve™ can be effective after just one session, and results last for a year.

HRT. Hormone replacement therapy is a treatment that can help many women have a better quality of life and provides numerous benefits. As women age, their body stops making estrogen, which can lead to various problems, including those impacting sexual wellness. HRT can help to address many issues women face as they age, such as weight gain, migraines, discomfort during intercourse, mood swings, hot flashes and more. Plus, the benefits of hormone replacement therapy include improvements in vaginal health, improved sexual wellness, heart protection, improved mood, and brain function, and strengthening the bladder. Also, it reduces risks associated with such issues as breast cancer, colon cancer, stroke, diabetes, bone loss, and overall mortality.

Tele-Rise. Coming out of the pandemic we saw first hand the blending of brick and mortar with telemedicine, and the world has quickly realized that telemedicine is the key to the future of modern healthcare. Rise Medical has embraced the digital age and offers modern health services to woman through its Tele-Rise platform that explores intimacy issues from the comfort of your own home. Tele-Rise combines the mental component with the physical side of sexual wellness. 

"It’s time that women no longer suffer in silence with these issues," says Dr. Laura Purdy, national medical director of Rise Medical. "We need to bring them to the forefront and let women know there are options to address each problem. We have helped many women and look forward to helping many more.”

Rise Medical will be holding a ribbon-cutting event at the Corona Del Mar office on May 19, 2022. They will be opening a second location in Nashville in June. 

As experts in the art and science of sexual wellness, the Rise Medical team is in tune with the latest science and technology regarding sexual health issues. Rise Medical offers services covering male sexual rejuvenation, female rejuvenation, male and female hormone analysis, couples therapy, and more. Rise Medical works with each patient to provide a customized plan to get them on the right path to sexual wellness. 

Offering a full-circle approach, Rise Medical provides in-person appointments in Corona Del Mar, California, or virtual appointments for others around the country through its Tele-Rise™ option, which allows people to be in the comfort of their own home to have a video call appointment. It works with individuals and couples and also provides relationship coaching to help with intimacy issues. To learn more about Rise Medical or book an appointment, visit the site:

Photo courtesy of Rise Medical

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