What Would You Ask an Astronaut?

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WonderWorks is giving people a rare chance to pick the brain of an astronaut. They are hosting an “Ask An Astronaut” online event, where retired NASA astronaut Dr. Don Thomas will answer questions that have been submitted by the public. Teachers and students are encouraged to submit their questions now, and Dr. Thomas will answer as many as he can in a video interview that will be shared on social media on October 2, 2021 at 10 a.m. EST. 

“It’s part of our mission at WonderWorks to provide outreach programs that spark the imagination of the next generation of scientists, engineers, inventors and even astronauts,” explains Taylor Geraghty, education manager at WonderWorks. “It’s important to us to be able to engage our communities virtually during this time to keep creativity and education alive. We’re so excited to work with Dr. Don Thomas to give students the opportunity to ask questions and learn from his experience and inspire young minds.”

Many people have questions for astronauts, such as how one becomes an astronaut, what the career entails and how much time they spend in space? Some of the more unique questions submitted so far include, how do astronauts go to the bathroom in space and do astronauts need to know Russian in order to go to the International Space Station?

All these questions and many more will be answered when Dr. Thomas hosts the Q&A session that will be posted on WonderWorks’ social media. Teachers should encourage students interested in space to submit questions and watch the event. This rare opportunity provides students an engaging way to learn about space travel directly from an astronaut.

“I always love working with the WonderWorks team to share my story with young students,” says Dr. Don Thomas. “At that age, the excitement and wonder of space is alive within them, and they ask the most amazing questions about the experience, my career and the science behind it all. It never ceases to amaze me what kind of questions they come up with.” 

To submit a question for Dr. Don Thomas, visit the site:

WonderWorks bills itself as an amusement park for the mind, featuring a wide variety of “edu-tainment” opportunities. Each of the WonderWorks locations offers over 100 hands-on exhibits covering natural disasters and space discover, an imagination lab, a physical challenge zone, a far out gallery, and a light and sound zone. There are six WonderWorks locations, including Orlando, Myrtle Beach, Pigeon Forge, Panama City Beach, Syracuse, and Branson. Most are open every day of the year. For more information, visit the site at:


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