LuxeTrend: Long Sleeve Swimwear for Summer 2017

Rash guards aren’t just for surfers anymore. Swimwear for Summer 2017 is coming straight off the runway and onto the beach, or from the looks of it, into some majorly posh pool parties. Rash guards and swim-to-gym styles have been a trend now for a few years, but this season designers have taken long sleeve one-piece swimsuits to an all new level with artistic elements and bold prints. And, these styles aren’t only trendy and flattering on most figures, but they’re great for warding off sun-damage and crazy tan lines.

Lindy Contorelli

With a past as a Boutique Owner and Fashion E-Commerce Consultant, Lindy has an eye for finding some of the hottest trends in Food, Travel, Fashion and Shopping. When she's not shopping online or blogging, you can find her at the closest Barre or Pilates Studio or enjoying the outdoors (typically on a patio somewhere drinking a glass of wine) with her husband and daughter. Lindy splits her time be...(Read More)

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