Olsen Twins' New Sephora Fragrance Set to Release March 2013

The twins at a Superga store opening in Soho, NYC

Photo Courtesy of Elizabeth and James
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are no longer the charming and mischievous tweens we watched fall in love every summer to a girl power soundtrack. They are successful businesswomen, with a prestigious CFDA fashion award under their tiny belts and a new luxury fragrance from Sephora on the way. Michael McGeever, Senior Vice President of Sephora Originals announced that the luxury cosmetics company looks “forward to bringing the modern perspective and fashion philosophy of Elizabeth and James designers Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to life”.

The shabby-chic style that the twins are famous for will hopefully translate into a pleasant scent and not come out smelling as unkempt as their clothing line has a tendency to appear. That would take “homeless-chic” to the next level—one that probably no one wants to go.

The two are not strangers to the fragrance market however- they previously launched a series of body sprays called "N.Y. Chic" for their girly fan base. But as they and their dedicated followers mature, so does their style and scent, developing into full-grown perfumes, and apparel that fit women.

So in remembrance of those roguish twelve-year-olds, head on down to the nearest Sephora in March 2013 (when "Eau de Olsen" is set to appear) and take a whiff of your favorite child stars to decide for yourself whether it’s worth the yet-to-be-determined price tag.

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