Healing Sanctuary Found Outside Venice, in Montegrotto, Italy


Located 45 minutes outside Venice, Italy  is Terme di Relilax Boutique Hotel & Spa, a resort that has served as a wellness sanctuary for travelers across the globe since 1892, set on ancient healing grounds that have aided people for centuries. Once a Venetian lakeside sanctuary, the property, specifically located in Montegrotto Terme, has surpassed four generations of ownership within the Braggion family and is now run by Owner Consuelo Braggion and her brother, Gianluigi, who have unveiled a new look and enhanced services for guests. Only 83 rooms, the boutique property features custom work from local artisans crafted with regionally-sourced natural materials are woven throughout the hotel’s spa areas to create a state of calm and serenity.

Relilax Hotel Lobby

Dating back to ancient Roman times, the therapeutic waters and thermal muds, called Fango, in Italian, have been proven by decades of scientific research to not only provide anti-aging benefits, but also to aid in the cure of osteoarticular syndromes, inflammatory rheumatism, sports injuries, and pain treatment. The Latin name of the city Montegrotto, “Mons Aegrotorum” translates literally to “mountain of sick people,” further proving that the Romans knew the healing effects of the region’s thermal water over 2,000 years ago. Within the Euganean Hills thermal area, the mud that is developed embodies unique properties that are rich in minerals and an algae that are the only of its kind in the world. Over the past 20 years, research carried out by Pietro d’Abano Thermal Studies Centre, in collaboration with Padua University, has proved that Thermae Abano Montegrotto mud is as effective, if not more, than cortisone, yet is 100% natural and carries zero side effects. 


At Relilax, the mud has a DOC Thermal Mud Registration and Patent that by law requires licensed doctors on staff to prescribe mud treatments to guests. The spa’s mud treatments use the complex mix of minerals to draw out toxins and aid the body in relieving muscle pain, while simultaneously softening the skin. Approximately 15 services using the properties of mud are available depending on the needs of the guest, including liver detoxifying wraps, anti-cellulite treatments, hair treatments, and more.

Terme di Relilax offers three thermal pools filled with water derived from the uncontaminated basins of the Lessini Mountains in the foothills of the Alps in the Euganean Hills that have developed healing properties through natural minerals. These properties not only help the quality of the skin, but help relax the body naturally. In addition to the thermal pools and treatments, Relilax offers a combination of other services including a Finnish Sauna, bio sauna, Turkish bath, sensory path on river stones, three sensory showers, icefalls, and relaxation rooms.

Relilax Indoor Pool

Relilax believes in a holistic and 360-degree approach to achieving wellness for the mind, body and soul. Beyond the healing mud and water treatments, more traditional services like facials and massages are also avail and customized per need of the guest. A personalized treatment itinerary sent to guests upon arrival, paired with the option for guests to meet with a certified nutritionist to create a Relilax-curated alkaline diet (AlkaRelilax Diet) to help guests achieve their wellness goals, while balancing pH levels and complementing the work of the spa services.

Whether looking for a place to rejuvenate and relax or getaway to explore the sights of Italy, Relilax is a must-visit for all. For more information or to book a stay, visit

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