Ten Reasons Why We Love Jennifer Lawrence More Than Our Own Grandmothers

The world's love affair with Jennifer Lawrence continues on with no end in sight — literally, I would follow her anywhere. We all have reasons for loving her, whether because she gives a proud voice to our obsession with food without ever giving in to Hollywood's beauty standard or because she keeps it real and talks to the camera like we do our best friend. If you Google "Reasons we love," the third hit is Jennifer Lawrence, right below "you" and "Scotland," and firmly above "grandma" — sorry grams, but until you get drunk and do a seven-hour interview with Vogue, you're staying put.

In case you live on a very remote farm and didn't already know The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is released tomorrow (which I don't buy, because you're on the internet right now and have no excuse), the second installment of the trilogy (with the last being split into two films) is more than just a placeholder for the finale. Rolling Stone's Peter Travers calls her performance "sublime" and Los Angeles Times critic Kenneth Turan says her "intertwined strength and vulnerability" as Katniss is the film's biggest asset.

With nine films in the works (including an East of Eden adaptation directed by Gary Ross), with some already finished and just awaiting release, Lawrence is staying put. Needless to say, Jennifer Lawrence is everyone's dream best friends, and here are just a few reasons why. 

1. In this interview with BBC Radio 1, Jennifer perfectly voices our rage when stuck in a taxiing airplane. 

Mila Pantovich

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