Buy Acclaimed Czech Artist Mila Fürstová's Incredible Etchings For Coldplay's Ghost Stories Album

Mila Fürstová, coldplay

Photos Courtesy of Album Artists

You may not know of Czech etching artist Mila Fürstová, but her artwork for Coldplay's newest album Ghost Stories proves that you should. Having won some 14 awards, her work has become part of several important public and private collections, including that of Queen Elizabeth II and the V&A Museum in London. If you want Mila's fantastic work to be part of your own collection, you're in luck because Album Artists are offering four of her art pieces from Ghost Stories for purchase, each one signed and numbered.

Mila's medieval-driven work can be seen on the record cover in the form of angel wings (seen above), which are made up of numerous smaller images, like entwined lovers, a maze, doves in flight, and a garden. The hand printed etching (100 x 100cm) is an edition of 25 and hand signed by the artist. You can also buy a high quality digital print (65 x 65cm) that is an edition of 100 and also signed by Mila. 

Mila Fürstová, coldplay

The art for the Magic single record is of a dove, sharing the above motif of filling an image with smaller scenarios, only this time with a  more magical theme. The imagery includes a levitated couple, a theater stage, and a deck of cards. The etching is an edition of 25 and the print is of 100, with the same sizes as above. 

Mila Fürstová, coldplay

The single art for Midnight is our personal favorite, picturing three seals made up of an interesting iron-like framework, with a person inside the pack leader. The etching is smaller than the above two, coming in at 55 x 55cm. Lastly, Other Skies (seen below) features conflicting images from our time (like koi fish, farm houses, airplanes, and laptops), and is available as an etching edition of 15 (120cm in diameter) or as a print edition of 100. 

Mila Fürstová, coldplay

The art pieces (which don't have prices listen just yet) officially go on sale May 19 (except for Other Skies, which is already available), but you should probably email right now if you're interested, because Album Artists is already collecting names of potential buyers. 

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