The Macallan Unveils ‘The Reach’ at $125,000 Per Bottle

Photo: Nadav Kander

The Macallan has unveiled The Reach, a rare 81 year-old single malt whisky crafted during the Second World War. Created from a single, sherry seasoned oak cask, The Reach is the oldest whisky ever released by the iconic brand. The incomparable single malt whisky reflects an extraordinary moment in time and exemplifies the enduring spirit that has been at the heart of The Macallan for nearly 200 years. The Reach is testament to the care and commitment to uncompromised excellence that has driven The Macallan since it was founded in 1824. 

The dark, precious whisky is encased in an exquisite decanter created from mouth-blown, hot glass, cradled on a bronze sculpture of three hands. Each hand represents characters in The Macallan’s history. One commemorates the distillery workers of 1940 who crafted the spirit into existence more than eight decades ago. Another is the hand of one-time chairman, Allan Shiach, whose grandfather headed the company when this remarkable spirit was first consigned to its cask. The third is that of today’s Master Whisky Maker, Kirsteen Campbell, who carefully selected the 1940 cask used to create The Reach.

Photo courtesy of The Macallan

“It is an honor to introduce The Reach,” said Campbell. “Created during a turbulent time in the world, this extraordinary expression showcases The Macallan’s history, ingenuity, and unmistakable strength of character. The creation of many hands, The Reach has been a truly collaborative effort. It’s also a tribute to the people who made this precious whisky, and their enduring spirit which never wavered.”

Sculptor Saskia Robinson produced countless drawings from every perspective in order to create the sculpture. Vein, nail, and skin detail are recorded in extraordinary accuracy in the bronze cast. The glimmer of metal contrasts beautifully with the dark amber whisky. The surface of the glass decanter features subtle indentations that match the fingerprints of the bronze hands which support it, while a beautiful wood cabinet, crafted from a fallen elm tree thought to have been on The Macallan Estate in 1940, houses the decanter.

“Its deep auburn hue is the first hint of this remarkable whisky’s astonishing depth,” said Campbell. “Offering notes of dark chocolate, sweet cinnamon and aromatic peat, leading on to treacle toffee, crystalized ginger and charred pineapple, before giving way to an intensely rich, sweet and smoky finish.”

The Reach is limited to 288 decanters worldwide at $125,000 each. 


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