Hide From Government Surveillance By Wearing This Stealth Wear

While we realize this is perhaps technically a fashion story, given the unique qualities of this particular collection of um, er, garments, but we felt it more appropriate for our techie audience. So without further ado, we present  Adam Harvey's Stealth Wear collection. Specializing in wearable technology, Harvey designed Stealth Wear as a response to the question of privacy in the face of authoritarian surveillance, an issue that has flared up with the use of militant drones.

According to Huffington Post, the Stealth Wear collection is made up of items — like burqas, hoodies, scarves, and hijabs — that hide the wearer from being seen by drone crafts (which are unmanned aircrafts giving 24-hour surveillance footage of an area). Made in collaboration with fashion designer Johanna Bloomfield, the clothing line is made using metalized fibers, which reflects heat and keeps your body off the thermal imaging radar that drones use. Harvey knows that the collection isn't very practical to wear, instead intending them to be seen as art pieces that highlight the morality behind surveillance while showing that there are always ways around it....wait should we have put this in the art section then?

If you want the Stealth Wear collection for yourself, prices range from $2,278.35 for the burqa to $487.45 for the hoodie.

Mila Pantovich

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