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These 19-Karat Solid Gold Earbuds Weigh 25 Grams and Cost $14,500

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Photo Courtesy of Happy Plugs

When it comes to earbuds, very little sets them apart from one another. Sure, there are elaborate designs that make it look like you stuck a toy in your ear, but we wouldn't want that. Instead of going kitschy, Happy Plugs draw from classic glamour for this pair of Deluxe Edition 19 karat solid gold earbuds. Made-to-order by a Swedish goldsmith in Old Town, Stockholm by hand, gold (25 grams to be exact) is molded into the shape of buds and have the weight of jewelry. They also have a built-in microphone for hands-free talking and a remote for easy control of calls and music. Considering the price tag, we definitely wouldn't want to risk losing them, but we can gaurantee you'll look fantastic sweating it out at the gym. If you have a mini me who always wants to match you, Happy Plugs also makes a metallic gold-colored set of earbuds for $25.


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