Vintage Electric Introduces World’s Most Powerful EV Throttle Bike

(credit: Courtesy to Vintage Electric Bikes)

Vintage Electric’s has combined a vintage design with future-forward technology with their new 2022 72 Volt Performance Line. The line features the: 72-Volt 2022 Vintage Electric Roadster and the 72-Volt Scrambler, each retailing for $6,995, while the 72-Volt Shelbyretails for $7,249.00. Reaching speeds up to 40mph, the Roadster is the fastest EV bike in its class, while the Scrambler is designed for cruising beach trails and back country roads and the Shelby’s vintage beauty echoes the iconic Shelby designs of yesteryear. As people are looking toward electric transportation as an alternative to avoid surging gas prices, these vintage bikes join the best of the past with the future. Beyond their vintage design, they are the world’s most powerful line of EV throttle bikes and come with the company’s industry-leading 72-volt battery. Reminiscent of the V-Twin motorcycle stack in a cafe racer, each bike keeps a classic design which draws onlookers to its stunning design, while the rider can speed away up mountain roads, coastal beach trails and hillsides with ease.

(credit: Courtesy to Vintage Electric Bikes)

These race-inspired bikes are made from hydroformed aluminum and with a battery weighs 86 lbs. and come with 26 x 2.35 Schwalbe Fat Frank w/ Kevlar Guard wheels. Optimized for performance and comfort, the double adjustable inverted suspension is integrated on the front wheels to easily shrug off any rough terrain or bumps in the road, while regenerative hydraulic disc brakes recharge the batteries anytime riders stop, adding further battery life while on the go.

“Our all-new 2022 72 Volt Performance Line is highlighted by the very best battery that Vintage could engineer in terms of power, acceleration, longevity, and rechargeability,” comments Vintage Founder and Lead Designer Andrew Davidge. “Riders will find the Vintage Roadster, Scrambler, and Shelby to be a trio of comfortable high-performance bikes which are durable, dependable, and most importantly, an absolute blast to ride.”

72v PERFORMANCE LINE from Vintage Electric on Vimeo.


(credit: Courtesy to Vintage Electric Bikes)

Some of the key features of these bikes include:

-      Range of 40-75 miles per charge

-      Charging time of only three hours

-      Three times the torque of previous Vintage Electric models

-      750W hub motor in the stock bike alongside a special upgraded high-performance 4000W ‘Race Mode’ key option

-      On-demand acceleration via the high-quality thumb throttle with five power modes

“Our 2022 models are the best EV throttle bikes that our company has made to date. The best part is, Vintage has all of these models in stock and available for purchase now,” Davidge concludes.

For more information on the 2022 72 Volt Performance Line and all other Vintage Electric bike models, please visit or call 1-408-969-0836. View a promotional video of the bike in action here.

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