The Worldwide Power of the Giti Angels and Female Athletes

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You don't need to be an expert in car racing to have heard of the Giti Angels. The Giti Angels is a group of women that are part of the first-ever all-female racing team. They currently have four vehicles that participate in several races year-round. In the past, car racing has leaned towards more of a male sport but that didn't let the Giti Angels stop them. 

They are quickly becoming one of the most successful all-female teams in car racing history. Not only are all the drivers female, but the entire pit crew is as well. This shows that women can rule on the race track as well. Each of the drivers can be found behind the wheel of a variety of Volkswagen vehicles as the company as one of their main sponsors. 

These ladies are most popular for their powerful and historic performance in Nurburgring that took place this past spring. Now that you're caught up, let's talk a bit more about who makes up the Giti Angels, their legacy and the power of women in sports. 

The Team

There are three main racers that make up the racing team of the Giti Angels. This includes Carrie Schreiner, Ronja Assmann, and Jasmin Presig. These incredible women are powered by their talented manager Ellen Lehman, alongside Nicole Willems. Though the team itself is based out of Germany, each team member comes from a different background and offers a variety of skills. This group of athletes and their management is also backed by their highly skilled team of technicians and pit crew on and off the race track. 

The Vehicles

While Schreiner, Assmann, and Presig do the majority of the work, we have to talk a bit about the vehicles they're driving. You will find any one of these three women behind the wheel of a 260kW Volkswagen Golf TCR. Just like their technicians and pit crew, these ladies know the ins and outs of these cars very well. 

When racing in Nurburgring they experienced something that they haven't before during a race: a large change in altitude. This altitude change caused rough weather conditions that made racing a bit more of a challenge. 

Thanks to the knowledge they have about the Volkswagen vehicle they control, Carrie, Jasmin and Ronja had no problem almost winning the race. These drivers are not only knowledgeable about what's under the hood, but they're incredibly talented race car drivers as well. Little stands in the way of their future, especially when the weather can't get them down! 

The Big Race

You may be wondering how many professional races the Giti Tire Angels have competed in. The largest race they've tackled took place on the most popular race track in Germany: the Nurburgring. The race was scheduled for March 24 through the 24th of 2019. This race is called the 2019 VLN Endurance R1 Championship and the now-famous ladies competed in the SP3T class. 

It may surprise you to hear that racing on the Nurburgring was the group's first race… ever. With that being said, the Giti Tire Angels are set to compete in a variety of races in the near future. Since the famous VLN Endurance race in Germany, they've competed in the R2-R9 classes of the LVN Endurance Championship, as well as the 24-hour Nurburgring event that took place this past summer. 

As they take on more and more races, these ladies are slowly becoming household names in the racing community. The number of fans they have has increased and will continue to overtime. We will be watching each race and waiting for more and more wins from the incredible Giti Angels.

You may be wondering why this racing team specifically is rising to fame. This is for several reasons. The first being that the Giti Angels are a powerful group of women athletes that are now known worldwide for being the first all-female racing teams that have competed on the Nurburg race track in Germany. This caused quite a bit of a stir in the racing world, but it isn't what created their legacy.

Credit is given where credit is due and that is to the amazing finish of second place during their first-ever race. This showed the world that racing is indeed a sport that women can compete in, and win as well. Though they didn't take first place, they did have the fastest lap time out of every single driver during that race. The Giti Angels were able to spin through an entire lap in just nine minutes and 21.725 seconds, leaving their competition in the dust! 

For the majority of the race, the Giti Angels were actually in the first place spot. It wasn't until the last lap that they were passed, and not by much. Each one of these women has an incredible set of skills that should make other race car drivers a bit nervous. Their fans are anxiously waiting for several wins that are bound to come in the future.



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