Classic Iconic Cars That Have Lasted Through Time

Cars are more than just a mode of transport; for many, they constitute a hobby, a passion, and a lifestyle. Throughout history there have been a variety of vehicles that have made their mark and earnt their place as being some of the most iconic. There are a myriad of celebrated cars throughout time, and as such the Classic Car Finance Team at Cambridge & Counties Bank have compiled their list of motor icons of all time. From vintage classics to supercars, and of course those which have cemented their place in history through film and television. 


Vintage Classics

1930 Bentley 

A car that immediately springs to mind when considering vintage cars is, of course, this 1930s Bentley. A British classic, this car competed, and won at, the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans and is connected to the legendary exploits of the “Bentley Boys”.  The quintessential Vintage Car.

1988 Porsche 959

This halo sports car was originally designed as a rally car, where it came 1st and 2nd in the 1986 Paris-Dakkar Rally.  It later made an appearance as a road legal vehicle; German engineering at its finest, this car was capable of being driven up to almost 200mph! Considered the fastest road car of the day and the most technologically advanced, the Porsche 959 had driver aids and features which have only just become standard in the cars of today.

1961 Jaguar E Type

Famously described by Enzo Ferrari as the most beautiful car ever made, the Jaguar E Type stunned the world with its design and is easily one of history’s most iconic vehicles. Combining beauty, performance and craftsmanship, this British sports car is loved around the world.  Famous for exceeding 150mph on the then unrestricted and recently opened M1.

1938 VW Beetle

Fondly known as The Bug, the VW Beetle made an appearance in the late ‘30s and has been an icon ever since described as ‘the people’s car’ (Volkswagen is German for Peoples Car). By the end of the 1940s this model was being produced in large numbers and its design is instantly recognizable.  A film star in the shape of Herbie and has been frequently customized into race cars, dune buggies and even pick- up trucks.

Film Stars

1963 Aston Martin DB5

Best known for its cinematic appearance as the car of super spy James Bond in the film Goldfinger, this British luxury vehicle has definitely earnt its place as a motor icon. Being described as the most famous car in the world after showcasing at the New York World’s fair in 1964, it has since been used in a variety of other popular TV shows and video games.  Cementing its place in popular culture.

1959 Mini

Considered a true automotive icon, the Mini designed by Alec Issigonis was a triumph of packaging and design and produced by the British Motor Corporation. It was a firm favorite throughout the 1960s driven by rock stars, film stars, TV personalities and even Royalty.  Perhaps the pinnacle was its starring role in the 1969 film The Italian Job. Since the original two-door classic, there have been many different models that have hit the market, and this small car has made a big impact throughout its production. 

Ford GT40

A high-performance racing car designed purely to beat Ferrari at Le Mans, the Ford GT40 is perhaps one of Ford’s most famous cars.  It had great success at a variety of races, most famously at the Le Mans 66 race where it took the first 3 places crossing the line in a row. The car takes the leading role throughout the 2019 film of the same name and was a firm favorite in the original Le Mans film in 1971. The resurgence of its popularity on the silver screen will only help bring attention to the classic car world and increase desirability. Original GT40s even regularly command 7 figure price tags. So, there you have it, some of the top cars which have earnt their place in the history books, either through film appearances, stunning craftsmanship or their overall popularity. Although some are now rare finds, others have risen in their attractiveness and iconic status and are still in production today, albeit with some modern upgrades.


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