Only One: A Rare, Silver Hypercar For Lease-- KOENIGSEGG CCXR TREVITA

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Luxury Lease Partners, the leading North American exotic car lessor, announced recently that the first in a series of hypercar lease offerings has been introduced, ahead of the holidays. And this hypercar is not only fast, it is one of just two ever made, and the only one that can be leased. 

When Koenigsegg, a high end, Swedish hypercar manufacturer, decided to create the Trevita, the company developed a unique coated fiber solution that transformed the usually black carbon fibers from which the car body is made into “a sparkling, silvery-white,” that “shines like millions of diamonds when the sun hits the car,” according to the Koenigsegg website.  The company was going to produce three of the light-colored models (“trevita” translates from Swedish to “three whites”), but, due to the extreme complexity of turning this darker carbon body into a silvery-white, they elected to build only two silver cars.

Luxury-Lease Partners

And it is also a hypercar, in that it is one of the fastest rides on the planet, reaching speeds of 254 miles per hour, being a 1,018-horsepower hypercar. 

The Trevita features a unique double carbon rear wing, inconell exhaust system, carbon-ceramic brakes with ABS, airbags, paddle-shift, chrono instrument cluster, infotainment system, tire monitoring system and a hydraulic lifting system. Powered by a Koenigsegg aluminum V8, the CCXR Trevitas powertrain produces an astonishing 1,018 horsepower with a top speed of 254 mph and a 0-60 mph time of just 2.9 seconds. The Trevita also features a carbon fiber intake manifold with optimized intake tracts, and has a patented response charge system for optimal engine response, also utilizing power-assisted Brembo brakes to enhance stopping power for this high-performance machine.

Luxury-Lease Partners

Weighing in at just under 3000 lbs, Koenigsegg’s exclusive design combines the company’s signature high-performance capabilities with design and luxury amenities to develop an unmatched driving experience.

With only two CCXR Trevitas ever made by Koenigsegg, Luxury Lease Partners provides this rare hypercar as a special leasing offer through one of its dealer partners, iLusso of Costa Mesa, California. It is currently available for $24,000 per month with a $650,000 down payment plus tax, for a 60-month term.

Luxury-Lease Partners

“At Luxury Lease Partners, our company specializes in putting together one-of-a-kind lease deals like the Trevita for our elite network of clients.  The Trevita is the true centerpiece car for any significant collection, and immediately makes an impression out on the road.” comments Luxury Lease Partners CEO Doug Goodman. 


Luxury-Lease Partners

Known for offering leasing terms for an array of world-class new and pre-owned exotic as well as luxury vehicles, Luxury Lease Partners specializes in non-traditional leasing programs. Unlike most major banks and captive financing options, Luxury Lease Partners looks beyond the traditional credit score to focus solely on a lessee’s ability to make the required down payment and subsequent monthly payments, regardless of his or her past credit history. All leases are structured to keep lessees in the best possible equity position throughout the duration of the lease term. This allows more customer flexibility to switch vehicles when they want, as they wish.

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